Why CLT20 Get Closed After 2014 | Know Here Full Reason

Do you Know Why CLT20 Stopped After Year 2014 ? If No Then Read this Article !

Almost two-three months after the IPL season ended, all major teams from around the world used to compete against each other in the Champions League Twenty20 tournament. But after the 2014 the tournament was closed and this tournament has not been there since then.

Today in this Article, I am going to tell you why this tournament has been closed. So Read this Article from the beginning to the end to see it once.

Why Closed Champions League Twenty ?

Indeed, there were three main reasons for the closure of this tournament, the first of which was very few audiences.

When it started in 2009, when all the cricket boards, who were involve in it, thought that this tournament would be the Indian Premier League like Audiences Gain. Because obviously all teams play in all the leagues and everyone has their own share of the ship.

But later it was revealed that the IPL was less than 4 times its wrestling. Those were very bad figures because too much was exposed.

Major Loss to BCCI

However, when the wears decreased the audiences, obviously the rate of reduction has come down. And all these cricket boards suffered losses.

The second, which was Reason, when it started in Lower Sponsorship 2009, its sponsorship rate was too high. BCCI Cricket South Africa and Cricket Australia This team was the cricket board, it was the owner of this whole champion league.

Heavy losses to the three cricket boards

The amount of money the league used to divide these three cricket boards. But when the rate of sponsorship decreased, so that the money started becoming low, the Board of Cricketers of the South Africa and Cricket Australia could not give any revenues to run this league.

And the last season of 2014 was played by the BCCI alone. After that, the BCCI decided to close it too. It is the same people that the Champions League Twenty League has been closed.

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