Virat Kohli Angry After Losing Match Against MI

virat kohli angry on players

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RCB Captain Virat Kohli Get Very Angry After losing match against Mumbai Indians. Don’t take orange cap, He say Throw this Cap away from me.

virat kohli angry on players

In the IPL-11, the Banglore Team has Lose 3 matches Out of 4 matches, Only 1 match Win RCB Against KXIP.

In the IPL-11, the Bangalore team had to face two more defeats. He had to face a huge 46-run defeat against Mumbai at the Wankhede Stadium. This was the third defeat of Virat’s team in 4 matches this season. In the defeat given by Mumbai, Virat’s fellow players proved to be villains.

Captain Kohli himself, holding one end to the end, kept going to the end but the other batsmen came to know from the other end. As a result, it happened that Virat’s wonderful innings could not write the script of his team’s victory.

The side effects of the loss of Rohit & Co also showed a lot on Virat, which caused them to become red-yellow. Virat did not even bend his anger, and this anger broke out in the presentation after the match. During the presentation ceremony, when Virat was given the orange cap of the IPL, he refused to wear it.

After annihilated anger gets angry.

Virat said, “I do not want to wear it.” At the moment, I am thinking of throwing it and I want to focus on how we lost the wicket, Virat played an unbeaten 92 against the Mumbai Indians in the match. On this innings, he has become the highest run-getter in IPL-11, now he has scored 201 runs in 4 innings, which is why he is being given the Orange Cap as the highest scorer of IPL-11. was, he refused to wear her angry.

This anger of Virat is also justified. In fact, it is only fun to wear or embrace any particular thing when it has been won on victory. The manner in which the batting of Mumbai batting first and then Virat batted at Wankhede’s pitch, batting here was not difficult to see. But Bangalore’s batsmen bowled their wickets with a poor shot selection.

Frustration with the performance of the batsmen.

ipl 2018 rcb

On his team’s batting performance, Virat said, “If we had done one or two good partnerships we could have won the match. But Mumbai did not give us a chance to make partnership with our excellent bowling.

Opened Bangalore’s Weakness

The defeat against Mumbai has opened the backbone of Bangalore’s flaws. Even after the IPL’s latest auction, the team’s chronic illness is also accompanied. There is no depth in his bowling and neither is he in batting. Like the previous season, Virat’s team batting is also dependent on the top 3-4 batsmen.
Well, such would be the capture of the cup.

The tagline of the Bangalore team for the IPL-11 means that the cup is ours this year. But by looking at the way the team has a current performance, it seems that this paper tagline has some time to wear on the field.

What do you think guyz !! RCB Really won this Year Cup !! Let us Know in Comment !

It really Hurt if You’ve Been Fan of RCB since 8 years & RCB didn’t Get Any Cup & Play Such a Waste Innings ! Sorry Friends, I get Emotional This time !

Thanks for Watching ! Have a Nice day ! Let’s Cheer for RCB!

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